Freie University Berlin

Study Abroad in Germany

The Institute for European Studies may nominate one MA student per semester to fill the IU graduate exchange student slot set aside by the Office of the Vice President for International Affairs (OVPIA) for study at the Freie University Berlin.


Outgoing IU to FUB graduate student exchange participants currently receive:

      • Round-trip economy airfare from OVPIA
      • Monthly stiped of € 750 from FUB
      • Health insurance allowance of € 400 per semester from FUB
      • Allowance of € 250 for student fees per semester from FUB
      • A waiver of registration (tuition) fees from FUB

While previous EURO students have typically used their time in Berlin to work on thesis research, outgoing exchange participants may transfer credit to IU for graduate course work completed at FUB to the extent allowed by College of Arts and Sciences Graduate Division policy.

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