Master of Arts Requirements

Course Requirements

Category I: Core Courses (12 credit hours, minimum)
  • Research Seminar in European Studies (3cr)
  • One approved graduate course in European Studies from the following disciplines:
        • History (3-4 cr)
        • Political Science or European Union Studies (3cr)
        • Europe in the World (3cr)

Category II: Elective Courses (15 credit hours, minimum)
  • Literature/Culture course tied to the student’s language of study
  • Graduate elective course in the humanities
  • Graduate elective course  in the social sciences
  • 5-6 credit hours in approved graduate elective coursework

Category III: MA Thesis (3 credit hours, required)
  • Students will work with a faculty committee to prepare a 50-75 page research paper

Category IV: Language Requirement
  • Proficiency of at least intermediate-mid to intermediate-high in one approved European language appropriate to the student’s program of study

The Master's Thesis

After the second semester of coursework, students should establish a thesis committee of 3 faculty members appropriate to the student's interests, who will oversee the Master's thesis.  The Institute for European Studies adheres to thesis format and printing requirements set by the University Graduate School.  Master's theses should be no more than 100 pages long, typically ranging from 50 to 75 pages in length.  The includes a helpful reference on specific questions regarding the thesis. A list of Past MA Thesis topics are available here.

Time Requirements

In principle, a full-time student can complete the Master's degree requirements in 1.5 years. It is possible to complete the degree in 12 months, if the student does not need to take additional coursework to establish intermediate mid/intermediate high proficiency in one European language. Part-time students may take longer. University policy requires that all Master's degree requirements be completed within five consecutive years of matriculation.


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