Joshua Malitsky

Associate Professor, Cinema and Media Studies, Director of the Center for Documentary Research and Practice

The Media School


Full Biography

Joshua Malitsky is Associate Professor in the Media School and Director of the Center for Documentary Research and Practice.  He is also adjunct faculty in the Russian and East European Institute, the Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures, and the Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies.  He works on a range of topics related to documentary and other nonfiction media genres, focusing on films made as part of revolutionary political movements in East Europe (USSR, and Yugoslavia) and Latin America (Cuba).  He has published a number of articles on documentary history and theory including topics such as nonfiction film and nation-building, the relationship between documentary and science, the conceptual intersections between both documentary studies and science studies and between documentary studies and linguistic anthropology, and on the sports documentary.  He teaches courses on contemporary and historical issues in documentary, ethnographic film, 1920s Soviet cinema and art, media theory, media authorship, film and propaganda, Marxism and cinema, and sports media.  His book Post-Revolution Non-Fiction Film: Building the Soviet and Cuban Nations was published by Indiana University Press in 2013.  He has two current book projects: (Supra)national Geographical Imaginaries: The Birth and Growth of Yugoslav Non-Fiction Film, 1944-1958 and A Companion to Documentary Film History (Wiley-Blackwell).