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Support the EURO General Fund

Today’s challenges mean it is even more critical that we train the next generation of leaders to be experts of European languages, cultures, and societies. EURO at IU does just that through our academic programs and outreach activities. The EURO General Fund provides for student scholarships, professional development, and outreach.

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Support the Modern Greek Program

We ask for your support as we build the Modern Greek program at Indiana University and provide our students and the Greek community of Indiana and surrounding areas with expanded learning opportunities and high-quality cultural events.  Your contributions make a difference in making Modern Greek culture a vital part of campus life at IU!

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Keeping in touch after you graduate

There are several ways you can remain involved with EURO after you graduate.

  • Let us know where your career path takes you. We would be happy to interview you for an alumni profile.
  • Your work experience could make an interesting presentation to the EURO Student Association.
  • You might serve as a resource for students considering a career similar to yours.
  • Consider whether your place of employment can provide an internship or a job opportunity for one of our students.

Stay connected with EURO’s biannual newsletter

Our biannual newsletter, “EURO Exchange,” contains bulleted updates on students, faculty, and alumni, as well as interesting articles about Europe, European transnational issues, and happenings at the Institute of European Studies.  In addition, each newsletter contains three “Spotlights,” in which our Graduate Assistants interview and write a one-page story on a Student, Faculty, and Alumni.

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My training at IU, the Department of Defense, and the Department of State have allowed me to understand the key need to be active in the world and build international relationships.

Col. Mike Derrick (Ret.)