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Lesson Plans + Classroom Resources on Contemporary European Issues

With funding through EURO curriculum development grants, lesson plans designed by and for teachers for grades 6-12 are available in a variety of disciplines.

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Professional Development Workshops

We regularly offer workshops for secondary school teachers in two primary areas: current European issues and the study of European languages. Interactive workshops inform educators of available classroom resources and new ideas for teaching European languages, culture, and society.

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EURO Presentations

EURO offers multiple ways for IU faculty, staff, and students to speak to your class. European experts can provide presentations on a topic of your choice to your classroom in person (generally within 30 miles of Bloomington). For schools farther away, we offer distance learning programs using interactive video technology to connect K-12 classrooms with IU specialists. If you have a specific topic in mind, please contact International Studies in Schools with a request, or visit our list of prepared presentations. Please contact EURO to discuss any of these program options.

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EURO Film Library

The EURO office houses over 700 feature films and documentaries, as well as book titles and periodicals, all covering European topics. Many European languages are represented. Country publications on Belgium, Cyprus, France, Spain, Germany, Greece, Sweden, and Norway are also available. We lend materials to teachers and may be able to acquire additional resources at your request.

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