Model EU Courses

POLS-Y 350 Politics of the European Union

The EU continues to face a number of significant challenges politically, economically, and socially. Immigration, xenophobia, economic inequality and divergent historical experiences among member states remain at the forefront of European-level discourse. Can the European Union survive these tumultuous times? Can the common currency--the very symbol of European unity--endure the strains of debt crises? Is a more federal Europe the solution?

  • Y350, section 5099
  • Required (3 cr.)
  • Instructor:   Justyna Zajac
  • 11:15 am - 12:30 pm MW, Woodburn Hall 005
  • COLL (Case) Global Civ & Culture credit
  • COLL (Case) Breadth of Inquiry credit

This course is joint with EURO W301, section 13113